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WHS Wins Curb Appeal Award for FCPS High Schools

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Ricky Kellerman

news - Curb appeal awardFor  being so well prepared at the beginning of the year,the Walkersville High School custodial staff brings home the Curb Appeal award. Assistant principal Jason Lininger and assistant lead custodian Terry Baker accepted the award.

I asked Baker if the award was a surprise or if it was a goal that was set this year. “It was a surprise; we didn’t expect to be awarded.” I asked him if the award was for the outside of the school only or if it included the interior. He answered “It is for both the inside and the outside.”

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I then spoke to Lininger about his opinion on Walkersville being awarded the Curb Appeal. He replies “It shows the effort that the custodial staff  is putting into the school to keep the students in a clean and well kept environment.” I also asked him about what this award means to the school. He said “Basically, the award is given to the schools that are well prepared on the inside and outside of the school. Mainly, its about the overall experience that people receive when they visit us.”


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