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WHS Unified Bocce Team Sweeps Through the Championships to Win Second Straight State Title

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On Tuesday, February 13th, the annual Unified Bocce State Championship run by Special Olympics kicked off at Hagerstown Community College. The Walkersville High School Unified Bocce team swept through the competition to win a second straight state title.

In the first game, the Lions won by a score of 4-1 in a difficult game. They then won 13-2 in the second game, leading them to the state championship game. In their final and most important game, the Lions won by a score of 11-2. A total of 32 teams from around the state competed at the tournament, but Walkersville was the only Frederick County school to place in the top three in any of the divisions at the state tournament.

Coach Charles Hunter said, “To be at States and help lead our athletes to first place was a huge honor for me and it was very special to win and repeat back to back years. This season is the highlight of my year as a teacher, and being able to coach the team to a state championship makes it even more special.”

Senior player Mckenzie Nugent added, “Unified Bocce is a great way to connect with the special needs kids in the community. The State Championship was something the team looked forward to and seeing the look on their faces after they won was a great feeling.”

Junior Tanner Owen said, “I played Bocce last year and saw the team win a state championship. It was a great moment for all of us and was a great way to cap off the season. I’m happy they won again and I hope the team can continue their success in the next few years.”

Hunter also added, “As of now I plan to continue the dynasty next year.”

Next year the Lions Unified Bocce team will look to win a third straight state championship.

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