WHS Tailgating and School Spirit Rise to the Top

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:


by Elizabeth Knight

As the sun begins to set over Walkersville High School students gather in front of the stadium to partake in pre-game festivities.

Here at Walkersville High School, students have formed a tailgating crew consisting of juniors and seniors that come out before the football games to get pumped up for the game. Last week’s game, however, brought in a few more students than normal since it was against WHS rival, Middletown High School.

Students got to listen to music and play a variety of games like ladder ball, corn hole, and volleyball. When asked what she likes most about tailgating, senior Zoe Sharer said, “It’s fun to see everyone get together and support the team.”

After about half an hour of playing games, students were allowed to enter into the stadium and take their seats in the packed student section. The bleachers were filled all the way to the top, and that wasn’t even all the students that came out to support the team. Others had to take seats elsewhere due to the large amount of student support that came out for the game. Crowds were so large, they reached fire code limits.

Senior Holly Ferris said our student section at Walkersville is so special because “you feel like family cheering on the team and everyone is so supportive of the team even when they don’t win.”

Once the game got started, so did everyone’s adrenaline, watching every second of the game. The students began all of their chants, cheering as loud as they could for their Lions. There was great energy flowing all around on the Walkersville side pumping up the Lions for a great game.

This year’s student section is a little different than previous years. Senior Wilson Yoingco said, “In previous years, the student section has been alright, but this year it’s constantly filled to the top almost every game! We also have really only had tailgating for football in previous years but this year, so many of the students have been going and supporting almost all of our sports.” This year’s student turnout has been phenomenal.

Just like Yoingco said, “It’s great to see so many Lions supporting our teams.” So students keep up the amazing school spirit, and remember we might not win every game but we will always have the best school spirit around.

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