WHS Student Athletes and Their Superstitions

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Every athlete, actor, and musician has something they do before a game, play, or concert.

We all have superstitions whether it is not going under ladders, or picking a penny up if it’s heads up. But does Walkersville High School know the superstitions of their student athletes? Probably not, so here are some of them.

After asking a player from every sports team, actor from theatre, and musician from band I have the inside look at what some of our students partake in before games or performances.

Tessa Cesario, a senior on the field hockey team, said “I braid my hair and kiss my stick before every game.” When asked why she does it she said “It’s just something I started doing and never stopped.”

Jody Brunty, a senior on the boys soccer team, said “The whole team walks in two lines, quietly onto the field. I’m not sure why its just something we have come to do — it’s our last quiet time to focus.”

Sabian Toussaint is on the varsity football team. He said “As a team we come together during warm-ups and go through all the plays we will run and all of the plays they will run. It’s a great way to get focused on what’s going to happen that night.”

Zach Nusraty, a sophomore on the JV football team, talked about his pregame, “I like to sit by myself and think about the game–  it helps me get in the right mindset before I even step on the field.”

Ty Littleton, a starter on the freshman football team said “I listen to music to pump me up.”

Goalkeeper Elizabeth Hanner for the girls soccer team said “I put my right cleat on first, I couldn’t tell you why, but it just makes me more comfortable.”

Now maybe the most humorous of all the pre-game traditions at Walkersville High School is senior cross country runner Johnny Haizel-Cobbina who said, “I listen to ‘I’m the Man’ by Aloe Blacc.”

Chris Copen a junior in the Theatre department said “We do a little dance called Little Sally Walker and all of the seniors give speeches.”

So as you can tell, regardless of activity, all students at Walkersville have something unique they do before a game, or performance.

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