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WHS Junior Avery Anderson Wins $20,000 Scholarship to Pursue Her Dream To Become a Pilot

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Avery Anderson, a junior at Walkersville high school was presented with a twenty thousand dollar scholarship to Marywood University to pursue a career in becoming a pilot.

“In the future, I want to become a commercial airline pilot. There are many paths in order to achieve this and I have been studying to find the best way to achieve my goals. Currently I’m part of the Frederick Aviation Explores hosted by Brenda Tibbs. [This is] where I heard about an aviation opportunity at the Leesburg Aviation Expo. There was a scholarship opportunity, where you had to write an essay about the perfect aviation internship. Mine was about flying a united 747 on its last international flight. The due date was October 6th. Beforehand I filled out a sheet of college scholarships as well as a monetary value I’d be willing to win or wanted to. During the expo, there were many vendors we students were allowed to walk around, ask questions and learn more about the aviation industry.”

“After about two hours [I was] disappointed since I didn’t win any monetary scholarships. [Then] the final round was announced: college scholarships. I was extremely nervous as the values of winning began to increase. Even more so when the words ‘This student is from Walkersville High school…Avery Anderson’. I stood up super nervous, received my large check from Marywood University in Scranton, PA, amounting to twenty thousand dollars. I then posed for my picture with the president of of Project Aviation from Marywood. Then I continued to cry my eyes out all the way home,” said Anderson prior to winning the scholarship.

“I think it’s incredibly impressive that one of our young ladies came away with the twenty thousand dollar scholarship especially competing against other students male and female in the competition. Having young ladies in career fields in engineering is not only a necessity for our country, but we are kind of behind, so I get incredibly excited whenever I see a female student excelling in a category of engineering and I’m incredibly proud of Avery. I hope she continous to pursue her desires in aviation and her career goal and maybe ultimately end up using her twenty thousand dollars at Marywood,” said Principal Tracy Kibler on behalf of Anderson’s achievement.

Walkersville High School sets students up for the future and helps them achieve their goal no matter what field they choose to go into. Anderson is one of the many students who have made not only Walkersville High proud but our community as well. We wish Anderson the best of luck in whatever she chooses to do in the future and with the twenty thousand dollars.

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