WHS Cheerleaders Having Their Best Season In Years

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Miranda Secula

The WHS cheerleaders are at it again. Between extreme stunts, choreography, and cheers the cheerleaders have been bringing their A game this season.

When asked how the season has been going, the following cheerleaders stated:

“The season so far has been great. Us girls get closer everyday whether it’s cracking jokes or diving under the other to insure they don’t get hurt. We are all pumped…to continue cheering on our football team or the rest of the season! Let’s go Lions!”said  junior Brooke Shortt.

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Senior Sabrina Dirk said “..the season is actually going really well this year. We’re hitting a lot more elite stunts… We’re able to hold our own against teams like Linganore and Oakdale that consist mostly of competition cheerleaders. I feel like we’re gaining a lot more respect at games. And as far as the actual group of girls go, it’s probably the best, most cohesive group we’ve had in years!”

“We’re trying new things and we’re all pretty close and we’re having fun and stuff,” said senior Demetria Colbert.  Some of the new things that they are trying include: “New stunts and stuff like this one called an Arabian that’s kind of hard to explain…basically the flyer steps in backwards and then flips and lands facing forward…and we’ve got new chants and cheers from camp,” said Colbert.

“It’s good and everyone is working well together to do great things at the games; also it’s a great way to support the team and encourage the students and everyone to also support them throughout the season,” said junior Alivia Fogle.

“It’s been very exciting! We have been hitting a lot of high level new stunts and some cool pyramids. Also the student section has been more involved and responsible and our Lion mascot this ear has been helping us involve the crowd at games.” said junior Haley Conley.

The cheerleaders perform at every football game and are doing excellent work.

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