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What’s Better — Trick or Treating, Or a Halloween Party?

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Nadasia Pettaway

Remember how you were young and every year you, family and friends went trick or treating? Who doesn’t like free candy? But as you get older you might start to think it’s for little kids and want to go to cool haunted houses and Halloween parties.

So which one is better? Trick or treating some say is awesome when you can dress up as anything you want for a night, see different decorations, and get lots and lots of candy. Halloween parties you get to have music and food, of course candy, and have a good time with the people you like.

features - jack o lanternIs trick or treating better than a Halloween party? We ask couple of students from our school and freshman Josh Thomas says “Trick or treating is much better. You don’t have to worry about drama. You get to get free candy with your friends and get to see the wild haunted houses.”

Lots of people would agree with him. But not everyone does.  Danah Gant, a junior quotes “who wouldn’t want to have an awesome Halloween party. It’s full of people, food, and music. Trick or treating people end it early but you can party as long as you want to”.

Some think that a Halloween parties make you older and cooler and that trick or treating. Other thinks that you’re never too old to go.

What about both? Aaliyah Faber, a freshman, says “I like both. They both get to have free candy, you can spend it with family and friends and you get to dress up, show other people off.”

Although not everyone agrees whether which one is better, at the end of the day it’s about dressing up, scaring people, and having a good time.

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