What Do You Agree To When You Click “OK”?

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Jon Shorrow

 When you click on “I agree to the Terms and Service” what are you really agreeing to?

 “It means you’re able to use what you’re trying to gain access to,”  freshman Spencer Shortt said. This is true; however, what are you giving up so that you can gain access?

 In section G of the iTunes end user license agreement you agree to not use iTunes for “development, design, develop, manufacture, or production of nuclear, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons.”

This little excerpt is just one of the thousands of things you agree to when you download music or get an app on your phone.

“I, like most people, tend not to read them…. I go straight to agree and move on.” Senior Gabriel Lake says. It’s a common thing now to skip the terms and not even acknowledge what you’re agreeing to.

Back in 2010, a company in the UK known as Game Station knew that no one read the terms so as a joke they added a sentence that if you bought anything from them then you would give them your soul. This ended up happening to 88% of the people buying thing on their website as this was up. The other 12% were granted £5 gift card because the read the terms and clicked I disagree.(gamestation.co.uk)

With all this information, the next time you’re prompted with terms, will you read them?

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