Walking Dead Season Five Premieres This Sunday

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by Taylor McClelland

Be prepared for night of blood, guts and zombies! Season five of The Walking Dead premieres this Sunday, October 12th.

The fourth season premiered October 13, 2013 and concluded on March 30th 2014, consisting of 16 episodes. Seven months is a lengthy time to wait for a new season so here’s a summary of what happened in the previous season.

The prison becomes an ideal and peaceful location for the survivors. Rick Grimes has even renounced his leadership in order to live a humble life of farming. However things start to change when survivors suddenly become ill and die off. These dead survivors become a threat due to the transformation into a walker inside the prison.

Carol becomes worried and in order to protect her makeshift family she takes drastic measures. She begins with teaching the children how to defend themselves. This soon turns into playing God. She takes the life of Tyreese’s girlfriend, Karen, and David. As result of this, Rick sends Carol away in order to protect her and the others.

In season three, we were introduced to a man named The Governor. He made a reappearance in season four as a more important character this time. In fact, he’s responsible for the death of the beloved Hershel. Everything falls apart from there. The Governor sends walkers through the prison causing the remaining survivors to scramble in different direction.

The rest of the season is about the separated survivors making their way to a place called Terminus. On the way, Beth is kidnapped, Glenn reunites with Maggie and new characters are introduced including Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Bob and Lilly. However, there’s something strange about Terminus and it might be too late to leave.

Viewers are expecting great things for Season five. Norman Reedus recently stated “From what I know, it’s gonna be just completely insane.”

There are speculations that Terminus is a town of cannibals. Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes, hints “They are doomed. No friendship bracelets here.” However many questions are still up in the air. Where’s Beth? Where’s the baby? Are they going to make it out alive?

Stay tuned for season five of The Walking Dead.



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