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Walkersville’s County Councilman Needs to Work for the Good of All

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by Shamus Beck

County Council Member Kirby Delauter

County councilman Kirby Delauter has made himself world known with his threat toward the Frederick News Post(FNP). Well now he’s trying to change things he has no control over in the state of Maryland.

If you don’t remember what he originally did here’s a refresher. In January when he was elected he told the reporters that they were not allowed to use his name in their articles… Really??? For someone in politics he forgot about the first amendment which gives the newspaper the right to say whatever they want within reason. The FNP’s response is probably one of the best responses of all time. They wrote an article in which they used his names as many times as humanly possible in one article, while also starting every paragraph with the corresponding letter to his name.

He got recognition for this comment from all over the world. Now he is trying to get rid of something Maryland has been working on for a long time. A clean Chesapeake Bay, one of Maryland’s most beautiful assets. It has been a statewide effort to “save the bay”. Now you may have noticed all of the new trees that have been planted along route 194 and going towards Emmitsburg on US 15.

Delauter’s bright idea was to stop funding this effort and instead put it “towards roads and schools.”(FNP) One problem with his plan is the fact that as Erin Montgomery put it in the FNP article from Monday March 16, 2015 “The tree planting is part of watershed improvements mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency and is tied to the Transportation Trust Fund, so it couldn’t be used for schools.”

In my opinion Delauter is wasting his breath and time on something that will not change regardless of what he tries doing. Instead of focusing on the small portion of his people that are concerned he needs to look at his county as a whole and think hard and long about what truly needs to be done.

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