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Walkersville Historical Society Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes for January 27, 2015

Attendees: Kathryn Nicodemus, Charles Nicodemus, George Evans, Bonnie Leins, Chris Leins, Florence Schell, Suzie Clark, Joel Herman, and Marianne Urban

Oral History Project

  • Charlie wants to pay the Library Youth group $10 for each Interview completed and scheduled.
  • George motioned to pay the youth group $10 per interview. Bonnie seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  • By the end of this week, Charlie, Kathryn, and Florence will have completed eight interviews and an additional eleven are planned.
  • Charlie will speak with Linda, Director of the Library Youth Group, to determine who to make the check payable to.
  • Charlie will contact Suzie and request she cut a check.

Gallery Walk Project

  • Bonnie and Chris delivered or mailed 23 letters to homeowners, requesting their permission to research
    and publish historical data about their home.
  • We have received ten responses, accepting our request.
  • In February, Bonnie will send a second letter to homeowners, requesting their permission.
  • Bonnie has completed the research of six homes.
  • Bonnie will arrange a time with the Library Youth group to take pictures of the structures in March.
  • Discussed when to hold the Gallery Walk for the general public. Possible time frame:3rd week in October.
    • Bonnie suggested we request to use the fire hall during the week. She explained we do not want to ask for use of the fire hall on a Saturday or Sunday, as October is a big wedding month. All agreed.
    • Mills Custom Wood Floors

    • Florence suggested we use the 3’°floor of Town Hall on a Saturday or Sunday. Charlie motioned to request Town HaII for use or the 3′” floor on a Saturday or Sunday in October. George second the motion. Motion passed. Florence will check with Town Hall for possible use in October 2015.

Treasurer Report:

  • Current balance in account is $2,466.20
  • Suzie is still interested in moving our checking account to PNC. Suzie will speak to a PNC representative to obtain information about a 501-3C checking account.
  • Taxes
    • Bonnie obtained financial information from the treasurer, Suzie, and completed the end of year financial reports.
    • Bonnie submitted financial reports to John L Thompson, to complete the 2014 Federal Taxes.
    • Joel will submit to Bonnie the Maryland Tax form when received.

Train Museum

  • The new Walkersville Southern Railroad Museum Director, Marianne Urban, attended our meeting.
    Marianne shared new ideas she is planning for the museum. The historical society is excited to work with
    Marianne and the museum, in the near future.
  • Kathryn and Bonnie gave the display boards that they created to Marianne for the train museum.
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