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Walkersville FFA Team Finishes In Second Place

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FFA Imageby Kaitleen Borromeo

Recently, the FFA chapter here at Walkersville participated in the Regional Ag. Mechanics and Speaking contests with the determination and drive to win… or at least to place, that is according to NR and Agriculture teacher Greg Stull.

The group’s wishful thinking played in their favor, as they were given second place, which left the participants and the FFA President content and proud of the end result.

“As a whole, I think they did really well, especially since they didn’t have much time to practice, but with the time they did have to practice, I could tell that they really grew,” said FFA President Evelyn Etchison.

Stull, who mentioned he is not good with interviews said “I was hoping to qualify. That was the goal for me. But, I’m happy of what we achieved and glad we placed.”

The Ag. mechanics participants included juniors Chandler Harris and Will Johnston, and senior Connor Clabaugh. Each person had their own initial feelings going into the competition, but in the end, they all shared a mutual reaction.

Junior Chandler Harris said “I was definitely expecting to do my best and keep a level head in the competition. I learned a lot and it gave me background on what to do next time. It was a fun experience and will definitely be something I will always remember.”

Junior Will Johnston said “Going into the contest, I was expecting it to be a lot harder since we had a limited time to wire circuits and everything else. I know I did my best and there was nothing else I could really do. I was happy to even get an award.”

Senior Connor Clabaugh seemed like he was the most confident going into the competition. “I was expecting it to be easier for me since I work usually work on engines, but I found out the hard way that I was wrong. The experience taught me different electrical wiring and gave me more mechanic side help. Overall, it was fun,” he said.

Junior Chase Ferguson participated in the Speaking Contest. Ferguson shied away from the interview and did not have much input on the subject. He simply left off with saying “I completely agree with Chandler’s statement. Same for me.”

Overall, it is safe to say that the participants each got something out of the competition, whether counting that “something” as an accomplishment, a win, or great memories.

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