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Walkersville Elementary School Restricted Enrollment

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walkersville_elementary_logoFrederick County Public Schools this week announced schools that will be restricted for out of district transfers. Walkersville Elementary School will be the only school in the Glade Valley area restricted. In all, fifteen schools will be restricted.  The restrictions come when a school’s population will be at or over 100% capacity.

The school system projects that Walkersville Elementary School’s population will be 666 students. The school’s rated capacity is 662 students.  When school opens in August 2015, Walkersville Elementary School will be at 101% capacity. As a result, no students who live outside the Walkersville Elementary School district will be permitted to transfer to that school.

Other schools in Glade Valley will remain open to out-of-district transfers. Glade Elementary School will be at 96% capacity. New Midway / Woodsboro Elementary School will be at 89% capacity. Walkersville Middle School’s enrollment will be at 76% its capacity. Walkersville High School will be at 88% of its capacity.

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