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Walkersville Christmas Tree Ceremony Brings the Town Together

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Photos by Kate and Jameson Kuster

December 2nd, 2017 at 7:30 p.m, the people of Walkersville gathered at Creamery Park for the annual Christmas tree lighting. All ages enjoy this gathering because there were different activities to do that applied to both children and adults.

Santa Claus was present at the lighting, and he was available for the kids to take pictures with. Hot chocolate and cookies were also provided for the people while they all sang to classic Christmas songs and had a good time with one another.

“I enjoy going to the tree lighting every year.  All the lights are so pretty and I love how big and beautiful the tree is. The cookies and hot chocolate are great, and I like how everybody groups together to sing Christmas songs,” commented junior  Brittany Berta.

Dozens of people in Walkersville treat the tree lighting like a tradition; they repeatedly go every year and enjoy it more each year.

Walkersville resident Steven Brice visited the tree lighting for the first time this year.  Brice said, “This was my first time going to the tree lighting and I enjoyed the time I spent with friends. The tree was pretty cool and there were a lot of lights. I’d definitely consider going next year.”  Many people enjoyed the lighting for the first time this year, and most are planning to go again in the future.

“I have really enjoyed bringing my daughter here for years. The lights on the tree seem to get better every year.  I love all the lights and the food that is provided during the lighting. I like how many people come and sing together during the lighting also,” commented Walkersville resident Robyn Daniel.

Walkersville resident Kayla Brown added, “My family and I moved out of Walkersville last year and I was so upset to miss the Christmas tree lighting.  Luckily this year we decided to move back so I made it to the lighting this year.  It is definitely something I’ll always enjoy, I love the happiness associated with it, and I love the hot chocolate and cookies.”

All throughout the Walkersville community, the Christmas tree lighting is looked at as a family tradition.  No matter how cold it is, the Walkersville residents always seem to enjoy the event.

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