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Walkersville Burgess and Commissioners Meeting

cropped-townseal1.jpgThe Walkersville Town Meeting on Wednesday evening will offer updates on several fronts important to the town.

Following a presentation of a site plan to the town’s Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday evening, Ahmed Hudhud will present his plans for the gas station on Sandstone Drive. Mr. Hudhud purchased the property in November of last year. He has been cleaning up the property and will now seek approval for his plans.

Developers of the Graham Property on Biggs Ford Road will seek approval for their road design and a dedication of park land to the town. Parkside’s plans include over twenty high end homes on two cul-de-sacs between Glade Creek and Kenneth Drive. The Planning Commission advised the developers to seek approval for their road design because it does not meet the town’s requirements for length of a curve. They also asked the developer to donate land for an expansion of Walkersville Community Park rather than a planned community garden.  The planned garden would not be easily accessible to those who may wish to use it.

The Burgess and Commissioners will also hear an update on the State Trooper Program in Walkersville.  Walkersville contracts Maryland State Police for law enforcement within the Town of Walkersville.

Citizens are welcome to attend town meetings to ask questions, provide input, and raise concerns.  The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 in Walkersville Town Hall.


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