Wacky Tacky Day a Huge Hit with Walkersville Students for Spirit Week

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Grainne McCormick

It’s that time of year again. SPIRIT WEEK! And with spirit week comes the craziest day of all, Wacky Tacky Day.

It’s a blessed day where you can wake up, go into your closet and put on whatever you want, walk into school and have it be socially acceptable to wear plaid with stripes in public.

Personally, I’m sporting sunflower leggings with white shorts, an Adventure Time T-shirt covered by a field hockey jersey, with a velvet cardigan and a tie dye head band. Other random accessories like my sunglasses and peace sign necklace  make the outfit look tackier and wackier!

How do WHS students feel about Wacky Tacky Day?

“It’s awesome because you don’t have to care about what you look like,” says junior Luisa Bowersox.

Freshman Mathena Frederick says “I can wear clothes from Justice and not be judged!”

“I love seeing everybody go all out for it,” says senior Brooks Gray.

What are some of the students wearing today?

“My favorite thing that I’m wearing is my one Hawaiian shoe!” says junior Dakota Fraley.

“I’m wearing a light up necklace! When you click a button all of the little red hearts light up, I love it.” says sophomore Jesse Kaczor.

Josh Clegg, sophomore, says “I’m diggin’ my red tutu. It matches my hair!”

If you didn’t participate in Wacky Tacky Day this year, you’re missing out. Start preparing your outfit for next year! Don’t care about looking cute or making sure the colors coordinate—no. As long as you look crazy, random, and of course wacky and tacky, then it’s ‘mission accomplished.’

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