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Volleyball Team Gaining Momentum as Season Progresses

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by Adam Hostetter

The girls volleyball team has had a tough time winning to start off their season. The girls team was previously 0-3, before Monday’s game against Frederick.

Some say that their lack of success was due to all of their home season games being forfeited due to the renovations in the gym, that have been taking place since the beginning of the year.

Junior opposite hitter Emily Burnett says “Our season is going better than last year, because we are working well as a team.” Burnett is sure that the season will turn around in no time.

The loss of home court advantage is a huge deal in most sports, and is no different in volleyball. Usually teams struggle when they are on a road trip for more than one game, and the Lady Lions have to play the entirety of their season away.

The girls have been practicing in non ideal conditions, to say the least. They have to conduct all practices at the middle school. This is not the norm and is restricting them from improving as a team.

In high school, volleyball they play five games per match and best out of the five wins the match. With a commanding 3-0 takedown of Frederick the Lady Lions have gained back their confidence.

Junior setter Anna Eyler says “We communicated well as a team and that is what helped us win, It is so important to be on the same page as a team.” The team proved that when working together as a cohesive unit, anything can be accomplished.

It will be interesting to see how the Lady Lions respond to the change of momentum, that is now in their favor.

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