Video Games Do Not Lead to Violent Behavior

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OpinionsViolentVideogamesPictureKaitlynby Kaitlyn Culpepper

A totally normal and well-adjusted teen can turn into a murdering psychopath just by playing too many violent video games.

Does the above statement sound more than a little fishy to anyone else out there? Although there are some that might agree with it, I personally think it’s a ridiculous and almost totally unsupported exaggeration. So I took to the cafeteria to find out what WHS students have to say on the subject.

In response to the idea that violent games can turn kids into psychopaths, senior, Josh Simmons, said, “The only cases where it leads to major issues are with people who already have mental issues.”

I have to agree with him. My sister plays a lot of different video games, some of which are quite gory, but she is one of the most kind and unaggressive individuals you will ever meet. It is important to mention, however, that she is 22 years old.

As Chloe Ferguson said, “There is an appropriate age to play violent videogames where they understand the difference between fantasy and reality.”

That’s true, and I would not advocate for five year olds to go out and buy Skyrim or Call of Duty. It is really up to the parents to decide what games they want their children to play and at what age. If they are careful about what they allow their kids to play, and also make sure that they don’t let them spend too much time glued to the screen and become addicted, then video games, violent or otherwise, should not cause a problem.

Simmons made another good point when he said, “Parents come back and complain but it’s their fault for their ignorance-they need to do their research.” Video games are assigned ratings for a reason, and someone needs to pay attention to them, as adolescents most likely will not.

When it comes to high school students, we should be well past the point where we recognize that the violent acts committed in a virtual world could land us in jail if we tried the same thing in real life. In fact, in moderation, such games can have several positive effects, for people our age especially.

As Tanner Green said, “Violent video games help you relieve stress, get better hand-eye coordination, and get rid of pent-up frustration.”

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