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Two Upcoming Planning Commission Meetings

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The Walkersville Planning Commission will have to hold two public hearings in the next few weeks due to the amount of work on their agenda. Their regularly scheduled meeting will take place on January 27, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. in Walkersville Town Hall.  They will hold a second public hearing on February 10, 2015, instead of their regularly scheduled workshop.

The GladesDuring this week’s public meeting (agenda), the Planning Commission will hold public hearings on revisions to the Old Town Mixed Use District, and revisions to Noncorforming Uses and Structures ordinances. The Staley Family will present a site improvement plan for their planned The Glades apartment buildings on Glade Road (Town of Walkersville Staff Report). The Graham Family will present their preliminary subdivision plan for Parkside on Biggs Ford Road (Town of Walkersville Staff Report). Finally, the Planning Commission will review a fencing ordinance submitted to the Town of Walkersville based upon comments of Town Commissioners.

The Parkside development proposes twenty-four lots on a property just shy of twenty-seven acres. Parts of the property lie within Glade Creek’s 100-year floodplain. The developer will upgrade parts of Biggs Ford Road and install a sidewalk along the road. They have also proposed some community gardens on areas of the property that cannot be developed.

Parkside and Mill Run Developments planned along Pennsylvania Avenue
Parkside and Mill Run Developments planned along Pennsylvania Avenue

The public is welcome to participate in these hearings and make comments on plans.


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