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Treeva Gibson Wins the First Battle Round on The Voice

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Shelby Williams


The battle rounds have begun and Walkersville’s own Treeva Gibson came out victorious, moving forward on Team “XTina.”

From the beginning we were blown away by the talent of sixteen, now seventeen year old Gibson and her powerhouse of a voice during the auditions for the popular singing competition show The Voice. Along the way we have met her competition on each coach’s team such as Middletown native Paul Pfau, as well as Gibson’s battle partner Katelyn Read.

Both Gibson and Read were coached by Christina herself alongside pop singer/songwriter Nick Jonas. The girls were assigned to sing “Addicted to Love” by Florence and the Machine. You watched as each were critiqued and trained for the upcoming battle against one another to win, lose, or be stolen by another coach.

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Once the lights were on each of them and the first note was sung you were instantly drawn in. Read drew the coaches in with her haunting whisper of a tone, but Gibson blew you away once she hit her highest note of the evening and sung with power and confidence.

At the end of their round each knew they had finished one of the most intense battles of the night. Pharrel and Blake Shelton both sided with Read and her singing style but Adam Levine stepped up and mentioned a sort of “fire” or spark he saw within Gibson. In the end the results varied and nerves were tense when Christina started off saying “The winner of this battle is…” Though both girls put up an amazing fight and sung better than before there could be only one winner. “Treeva.” Our small town girl is at it again and continues on in the show impressing her fans and the coaches.

Treeva Gibson has kept jaws dropping and you on the edge of your seat so far these past two weeks and will continue to do so. She will always have our vote and all of Walkersville tuned in when she is up to compete. She is truly an example that no matter where you come from, what battles you have endured, or how small you may think you are, put your mind to something and success will come in whatever you want to accomplish or dream.

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