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Transition to High School Exciting for the Freshies

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by Tori Caulfield

tor- froshThe big transition from middle school to high school can be very exciting, but the surprises and changes are definite. Some frosh from the current freshman class express their feelings about their first day as a high school student so far.

When asked what her biggest surprise to see on her first day was, Laura Johnston said “I was surprised to see all the upperclassmen and underclassmen in the same place; in middle school there were separate halls for each grade so we never saw anyone but our own grade each day.”

“I like having all the people here; everyone has been so nice to me lately,” said Quantae Thompson. Thompson said that the downside is that he has to wake up earlier, but he loves being with all his friends overall.

A lot of new faces gives anyone the opportunity to socially involve themselves with others and feel comfortable with your peers. “I’m excited to make new friends, with the big kids!” said Jarret Bartgis. Bartgis enjoys having a lot more people in his school and is ready to take on this new experience as a freshie!

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