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Town of Walkersville Asks Economic Development Commission for Blight Solutions

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cropped-townseal1.jpgDuring a regular meeting of  the Town of Walkersville’s Burgess and Town Commissioners Wednesday evening, the issue of blight at commercial and residential properties arose.  Town Commissioner Gary Baker brought forth a request from the Town’s Economic Development Commission (EDC).  The EDC met last week and would like the Town of Walkersville to take action on the conditions of various properties around town.

Town Commissioner Russ Winch added that the Planning Commission also discussed these issues at last week’s Planning Commission Workshop. He said that the Planning Commission voted to explore this issue further. During that meeting, the Planning Commission discussed Walkers Village Center, the old Exxon station, and the Fuel Worx / Valero gas station.

Burgess Ralph Whitmore expressed skepticism at the Planning Commission’s role in addressing blight on commercial properties and warned that residential issues would be difficult to tackle.  After a brief discussion led by Whitmore, the Commissioners voted to ask the EDC to explore the issue and propose a bill to modify or add to the Town Code.

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