Tonight Is the Night for First Tailgating Extravaganza

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

tailgate 1by Nadasia Pettaway

Are you ready for tailgating at Walkersville? Friday, September 5th, 2015 is the day where we have different activities, fun games happening and even our first football game of the season.

Our Walkersville Lions junior are especially seniors are ready for the game. Senior, Emily Dorman, says “it’s great knowing our lions are showing off the game with our pride spirit with our blue and yellow”.

Who isn’t excited seeing teachers VS. teachers and teacher VS. students?  But what is it really about? Dorman said “ it’s not only about our first game of the season but its about how our school is represented and showing pride and excited to see what the year is going to give them.”

With our school wearing blue and yellow and with school spirit, it gives our football team more confidence to believe in themselves. Freshman, Kayla Flanary, said “it’s real exciting especially since its her first year in the school, and it brings cheer and happiness to the games while they scream and get wild.

With our school spirit and support we could beat our first game and other schools.

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