The Maze Runner — An Action Movie That Makes You Think

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Ricky Kellerman


Based off the best-selling novel, The Maze Runner combines action with mind games that lead each character into believing that they are trapped.

Our main character, Thomas, first encounters the Maze when he is brought to the center of the glade in a cage containing supplies. When he reaches the top, the other boys that live there come to greet him. He realizes that he has no memory of anything after waking up in the crate. As he is running away, the camera pans the perimeter of the glades to show the realness of The Maze and all that surrounds it.

There is never a point during the movie where there isn’t action or a form of team building with the groups of boys. Thomas slowly begins to ruin the group chemistry by being curious of The Maze and all that it entails. He eventually enters The Maze trying to save Alby, the group leader, and Minho, the lead runner from being trapped in The Maze, which in turn, left him trapped with them. While in The Maze, Thomas finds clues to figuring out an exit.

There are people in this movie that you relate to and feel for. There are people that you relate to and something bad happens to them. Throughout the movie, things happen to different people, some of those people that you have related to — some people don’t make it out alive. If you’re a person that likes action movies that make you think, then I suggest this movie is for you.

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