The Government Should Not Be Limiting Our Access to Guns

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by Adam Hostetter

With public shootings becoming a rising problem, the government is trying to limit our access to guns. The question is, is this the most efficient way to keep Americans safe?

For years, politicians have ran on platforms of keeping America a safe environment for all to live and prosper, but lately the reality is that gun-related death tolls are rising. Why is this so, even though we are regulating gun use more and more every day?

At some point we must realize the reality of the world we live in and face the facts. The reality is that in 2013, 30,000 people are murdered from gun related violence. Out of 30,000 people that are murdered each year, 238 million people own guns. The percentage of people who die due to gun violence in relation to amount of gun owners is .0001%. (

Another fact is that public shootings are a horrible problem that is consistently happening. This is a fact and even the most biased and irrational gun advocates cannot deny. But because the death toll is rising, does this mean that guns are the issue and are at fault? If a kid punches another kid, do you scold him, punish him, and explain to him that that behavior is not acceptable or do you take away his hands?

The argument is that they are not the fault and the cause of these shootings. This argument proposes it is not the fault of the guns but the fault of our culture and society. We live in a society that has been desensitized to violence. With violent video games, gory movies, and patriotic calls to service we are centered about a culture that has accepted killing as a common occurrence. Also there is this strong notion of rebellion in today’s culture. It’s not sinister in nature; after all America was founded by a large group of rebels that seceded from the United Kingdom.

This notion resists an authorities and counteract the rules and structure that this authorities figure implements. Gun violence is not the only instance of seeing this in America’s history. The same rebellious attitude was present of those in the Prohibition Era.

If you still are not convinced, take a look at the statistics. In 2008, roughly 10,000 murders were committed using a gun. This was just as the liberal Obama administration took office. Since the Obama administration has been in office he has worked with congress to pass numerous laws that limit our second amendment rights.

Some may say that this is better for America because it keeps our people safe and protected, but they aren’t looking at the facts. Since the 2008 Obama take-over, the death rate due to gun related violence has increased by threefold! Therein proving that limitations can evoke the very crime they are trying to prevent.


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