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Take a Walk Down Memory Lane to Middle School

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Sasha Mazikins

sasha froshAfter attending WHS for a few years, it’s easy to forget the differences between middle and high school. So let us take a walk down this anxious memory lane by seeing how the freshmen this year feel about school.

“My favorite part of high school so far would be having classes with my friends, and being mixed in with the other grades,” said freshman Paige Shortt. It’s easy to forget those middle school days when it was more difficult to make friends with upperclassmen.

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When Shortt was asked what the main difference is between middle and high school she said, “The lockers, but it is nice being able to carry your bag with you.” Back in middle school there was a strict rule against carrying bags with you into the classroom, so that may be why using lockers isn’t as common here at WHS.

Freshman Emilia Lawler agrees with Shortt by saying that her favorite part of high school so far is “having classes with all of my friends.” Other common strains during the day that Lawler faced were “finding out which lunch shift that my friends had” and “trying to find my classes.”

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