Keep Fair Day Friday

GladeValley.net strongly supports starting the school year after Labor Day, and keeping Fair Day on Friday of The Great Frederick Fair. Fair Day has been part of the entire community for 136 years. We imagine that only Christmas, which became a legal holiday in 1870, has been a school holiday longer. Meanwhile, there are plenty of days off that do little to nothing for the community or the students as a whole. How many kids are missing school for Rosh Hashana? How many for any Jewish holidays? According to The Berman…

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Walkersville Siblings Showing Swine

Chase and Mickinzi Ferguson know their stuff when it comes to hogs! They proved their chops at The Great Frederick Fair with a long list of awards including Champion Middle Weight Barrow, Reserve Champion Middle Weight Barrow, Champion Heavy Weight Barrow, Champion Light Weight Gilt, Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog, Champion Bred and Owned Market Hog, Grand Champion Purebred Barrow, and Champion Yorkshire Gilt. On Sunday, Chase won Master Showman in the Swine Fitting & Showing event.  Unlike events that grade the animals based upon their breed or market characteristics,…

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Farm Family of the Year from Glade Valley

The Great Frederick Fair began with the selection of the Jim and Louise Stup Family as the 2014 Farm Family of the Year.  The Stup’s family farm, Teabow Farms, in Walkersville encompasses 980 acres of Glade Valley.  The farm is a dairy operation with over 2,250 cows.  Each cow annually provides an average of 25,359 pounds of milk. Teabow Farms began in 1965 with eighty cows on Glade Road.  In 2000, the farm began to grow tremendously.  The farm’s herd grew to its current size which requires three tankers to…

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