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Democratic Dominos Set to Fall in Maryland

George Wenschhof The announcement by Maryland U.S. Democratic senator Barbara Mikuski that she would not be running for reelection set off a momentous chain reaction among Democratic elected officials and activists. On Tuesday April 26, primary election day in Maryland, voters will determine the outcome.

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Editorial Talking Maryland Politics 

Trone Self Funds Campaign for Congress

George Wenschhof David Trone Recently, voters in Maryland’s 8th congressional district have been introduced to Democratic candidate David Trone by way of a series of compelling television spots and direct mail. Some of the televised spots depicted have been his growing up on the family

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Kathleen Matthews Running for Congress

According to Politico, Kathleen Matthews plans to run to represent our area in the House of Representatives. Many may not recognize her name, but her husband, Chris Matthews, is known by most in the country as the host of MSNBC’s Hardball and the syndicated┬áChris Matthews Show. Senator Barbara Mikulski’s announced retirement continues to shake things up politically in Maryland and even in Glade Valley’s Congressional District, Maryland’s Eighth Congressional District. ┬áSince redistricting, Glade Valley and much of Frederick County shares lies in Maryland’s Eighth Congressional District which also includes parts…

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