Students Share Their Sweet Rides to School

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by Tori Caulfield

This year a handful of students have stepped up their game by driving in style. Some student drivers shared some facts about their  awesome eye-catching cars that are parked in the WHS student parking lot daily.

Senior Bailey Stull is proud to call his red BMW that he has owned for a month his own. “I asked for it jokingly from my grandma but then she actually gave it to me for real.” said Stull. Stull mentioned there was not a single thing about his car he didn’t love. When asked what people say when they see him driving this car Stull replied with “That car really suits you; you look suitable for a BMW.” With a compliment like that it can most definitely motivate him to drive it all the time, “Every day baby, every day!” said Stull.

Senior Tyray Ngoh has been the proud owner for three months of  his fast and furious Dodge Charger. A great “just because” gift from mom and dad, Ngoh absolutely loves it. “It was love at first sight.” said Ngoh. When asked what he loves most about his car, Ngoh replied “Definitely the sound, it’s loud and powerful.” This certainly does motivate him to drive it every day. People do like his car just as much as he does. “They say it suits me; I get asked for rides just about every day.” said Ngoh.

Senior Brad Wolfe has owned his Camaro for five months. Due to the fact he had been wanting this car for quite a while, it was a great gift to receive from his parents. Wolfe shared he loves the features his car has and loves to drive it daily, “It’s really fast.” People most definitely find his car alluring. “They tell me it’s really nice and that they wished they had it to drive themselves,” said Wolfe.

Junior Mary Lentz adores her yellow Volkswagen Beetle bug that she’s owned for six months. Wanting it since last year, Lentz put the money together to treat herself. “I pretty much bought it on my own.” said Lentz. When asked what she likes most about her car she replied “The fact that people probably punch each other when they see it.” Driving her car everyday, she definitely gets a few compliments from others. “People tell me they think it’s really cute and that I look really cute driving it around all the time.” said Lentz.

Having the keys to an awesome ride, like these cars, makes getting behind the wheel make students feel great and powerful.

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