Storm– The New Pet Bunny of WHS

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by Taylor McClellandfeatures - Stormy the rabbit and Mrs. F

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” You heard right, we have our very own Thumper.

 Kate Boller from the science department has a new class pet this year. This class pet has two large, fluffy ears and is named Storm. It seems he has already become a big part of Boller’s classroom. The students just adore him. Jessica Shayuth said “He’s cuter than most of the boys in our school.”

 Storm, the new bunny, has touched the hearts of many already including Principal Tracey Franklin. “If you can’t find him, you know where to start looking.” Franklin says as she carries the bunny out of Boller’s room.

 Storm doesn’t get to be in the classroom everyday though. For now, he only gets to come to school every other day. This allows Boller to kennel train the little bunny. That doesn’t stop any of the students from racing to Storm’s cage in hopes of in getting a quick glance at their new found friend.

Make sure to stop by Boller’s room to say hello to the new Thumper.

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