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Spotlights on the Millionaires Club

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Walkerville High School offers many great clubs including Spanish Club, Key Club, and Pride Club just to name a few. Each club is a little different from another, one of the most successful clubs at Walkersville is the Millionaires Club led by Reigna Stelma, a Business teacher here at Walkerville High. Millionaires Club just began this year and it was kicked off this past December with an official launch party.The club has over twenty five members and is growing everyday.

The purpose of this club is to explore entrepreneurial ideas, learn about personal finance, and also the members were able to create a business using a 3D printer and are currently selling lion printed keychains. Jack Hillman stated “Millionaires Club uses a 3D printer to print customizable keychains of the school’s mascot and they are sold for two to three dollars.”  The money made from the keychains goes back into the club to buy supplies an material that help support the club’s business. Jack Hillan also states “We also participate in the stock market challenge, competing with other Frederick County Public Schools for the highest return rate in an eleven week span, it deals with the trading of public securities.” The Millionaires club begins to prepare members for the real world and what its going to be like to be a entrepreneur and what it takes to be one.

The club itself is sponsored Nymeo, a local credit union in Frederick, Maryland, and provides the club with support and guest speakers.

Overall the club is all about entrepreneurship and making money. The club is very proud of the progress it has made, starting off as a new club this year no one knew what to expect. Ms. Stelma stated, “I’m very impressed with the group of kids in this club and the participation of all of them. I couldn’t have wished for a better year with this club.”

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