Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Advisory Committee Holds 27th Annual Awards Ceremony

On Thursday evening, April 11th, 2019, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Advisory Committee held its 27th Annual Awards Ceremony at the Lewistown Volunteer Fire Department Social Hall to honor and recognize the hard work and dedication of Sheriff’s Office staff from the previous year. Michael Blue, Frederick County Council member and Vice President of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, was the Master of Ceremonies. Opening remarks were given by Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who expressed his pride and gratitude to each and every member of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and congratulated all the evening’s award recipients.

Major Troy Barrick and Major Michael Cronise presented the following awards:

Special Appreciation Award

Amy Leopold

Outstanding Performance Award

  • Cpl. Timothy Grove
  • DFC Jason Noblick
  • DFC Benjamin Phelps
  • DFC Bryce McGuire
  • Cpl. Mark Sturm
  • DFC Mark Gladhill
  • Deputy Brandon Jewell
  • DFC Stephani Bird
  • Cpl. Kevin Britt
  • Sgt. Trevor Hajjar
  • DFC Stephanie Kelley
  • DFC Timothy Moore, Jr.
  • DFC William Rempe
  • DFC Amanda Sisson
  • DFC Jennifer Skelley
  • DFC Jason Snyder
  • DFC Joshua Stears
  • DFC Brett Welsh
  • Cpl. Charles Zang
  • DFC Daniel Ryley
  • DFC Jason Hansberger
  • DFC Keith Johnson
  • Nathan Michael
  • DFC Jason Ahalt
  • DFC Randy Barrera
  • Traci Bremilst
  • CFC Lauren Brown
  • Maggie Henderson
  • CFC Andy Hernandez
  • CFC Shawn Little
  • CFC Jacob McClelland
  • DFC Nathan Rector
  • DFC Daniel Schlosser
  • Brenda Smith
  • Marcie Stup
  • Robert Wilhelm
  • DFC Miller Yackovich

Life Saving Award

  • CFC Tara Buterbaugh
  • DFC Chad Smith
  • Cpl. Anthony Blare
  • DFC Randy Barrera
  • CFC Kevin Gladhill
  • CFC Jonathan Schurr
  • DFC Robert Fritz
  • DFC Gregory Morton
  • OFC Jasmine Demby
  • CFC Justin Eichelberger
  • CFC Chad Klunk
  • Cpl. Phyllis Presley
  • CFC William Sweeney
  • OFC Gabriel Wyant

Unit Citation Award

Sex Offender Registry Unit

  • DFC Jennifer Skelley
  • Brandy Keyser

Inmate Services Unit

  • Christopher Busbey
  • Desiree Hall
  • Rachel Hobbs
  • Kelli Maze
  • Robert Wilhelm

Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement (PACE) Team

  • Lt. Jason Deater
  • Sgt. Trevor Hajjar
  • Cpl. Charles Zang
  • Cpl. Brian Woodward
  • DFC Brett Welsh

Courthouse Security Unit

  • SPO Sgt. Dana Hubble
  • SPO Cpl. Joshua Eighenbrode
  • SPO Cpl. Nathaniel Wood-Wilson
  • DFC Steven Griffin
  • DFC Jeffrey Pepple
  • DFC Christopher Shriner
  • DFC Kevin White
  • DFC Andrew Young
  • SPO Gail Couture
  • SPO Allan Gilbert
  • SPO Michael Healy
  • SPO April Hinckle
  • SPO Barry Hubble
  • SPO Rodney Kreps
  • SPO Katelyn Kumm
  • SPO Carole Maguire
  • SPO Brian Merck
  • SPO Scott Monaco
  • SPO David Patton
  • SPO Theresa Patton
  • SPO Darroll Sewell
  • SPO Nita Wilbur
  • SPO Randall Wylie

Volunteer Service Award

Chaplain Harry Johnson

Chaplain Johnson has worked over the last year and half on a special project with the Homeland Security Section to increase preparedness at Houses of Worship in Frederick County. He has volunteered countless hours to the project, providing a unique perspective from his years as a faith leader.

Chaplain Johnson attended commercial security survey training and uses it to conduct surveys of Houses of Worship (HOWs) in Frederick County. He has completed surveys at many churches and makes himself available around the schedule of the group to ensure that it is completed with the right team of people from the organization. He has also prepared and delivered public presentations at events as part of a Sheriff’s Office programs targeted at Houses of Worship (HOWs).

In addition, Chaplain Johnson has represented the Sheriff’s Office at regional, national, and international events on the issue of preparedness for Houses of Worship. The Sheriff’s Office HOWs preparedness program started just nine days before the mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. As a result of local media attention and strong partnerships with our faith leaders, the Sheriff’s Office program became a model for agencies around the Country.

In the weeks following the shooting, the Sheriff’s Office provided information to regional and national partners on the program. In a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the Sheriff’s Office program model was reviewed and pushed out through DHS Protective Security Advisors across the region. As a result of the partnership with DHS/NIJ, in October 2018 the Sheriff’s Office HOW project team, including Chaplain Johnson, developed and delivered a presentation to a national and international audience at the 2018 International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Orlando, Florida. In early November, Chaplain Johnson was the keynote speaker for the Howard County Police faith preparedness event that had over 150 attendees. In addition, Chaplain Johnson will be featured in an NIJ video promoting their Safeguarding Houses of Worship App.

This is the first time in eighteen (18) years that a volunteer has represented the Sheriff’s Office on a broad scale. Chaplain Johnson has brought direct benefit to the community through his volunteer efforts to increase preparedness in faith organizations and has also brought great credit to the Sheriff’s Office through his contributions on a national scale.

Correctional Civilian of the Year

Desiree Hall

Ms. Hall began her career at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center in May of 1995. She started as a Correctional Officer and transferred to the Alternative Sentencing Program as a Correctional Classification Specialist in July 1999. In March 2008, she joined the Inmate Services Division. While Ms. Hall is well-versed in all Classification assignments, her areas of expertise include working with the female population, working with our sexual offender population, domestic violence concerns, HIV testing and counseling, and re-entry services.

In a year that the Justice Reinvestment Act and re-entry services occupied the minds of those working in the field of Corrections, Ms. Hall voluntarily took on the task of assisting inmates requesting admittance to community based programs. She first researched programs within the county and the state, became familiar with entry requirements, made contacts, and conducted site visits. She then assisted inmates with applications, arranged for and monitored telephone interviews, worked with attorney’s to ensure release of the inmate, and made sure the inmate had the proper transportation and items required for program admittance such as medical records, medications, and appropriate clothing. Ms. Hall has assisted inmates with substance abuse issues, inmates that are homeless, pregnant inmates, and more. It is evident through her work that Ms. Hall is dedicated to the principles of re-entry and committed to helping our inmates successfully reintegrate into our communities.

Law Enforcement Civilian of the Year

Brenda Arnett

Ms. Brenda Arnett has served the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office in the capacity of Office Manager since April 2000. She is an extremely dedicated worker who makes sure that her duties are done in an efficient and correct manner.

Personnel Services was extremely busy in 2018, particularly in the area of hiring. Ms. Arnett was instrumental in ensuring the section ran efficiently throughout the year without any glitches. Aside from her normal duties, she assisted with eight (8) hiring processes, as well as assisted with numerous in-house processes. Each process is extremely time consuming and cumbersome, but Ms. Arnett’s attention to detail and her knowledge regarding the agency’s hiring practices ensures the agency is protected against potential litigation.

Aside from her normal duties, Ms. Arnett has been instrumental this year in assisting the Sheriff’s Office in transitioning to the county’s new Infor system utilized for timesheets. Beginning in February, she began attending informational meetings, and on three (3) separate occasions she attended timesheet trainings. Afterward, she worked closely with key agency personnel to identify problems within the system, and on her own, she spent time reviewing the lengthy training manual to learn as much as she could about the system.

When the system went live in October she was inundated with phone calls from personnel with timesheet problems. The dedicated time she put in on the front end helped her to work through many of those problems, but when she could not, she spent many hours on the phone with the help desk working through and addressing issues.

Additionally, in June, the county rolled out a new NEOGOV module to aid Human Resources, department managers, HR Liaisons and employees through both the On-Boarding and Off-Boarding processes in Frederick County Government. The new program has placed more responsibility on departments and employees, but Ms. Arnett has somehow managed to take on the extra work load. She again learned the new program so that the Sheriff’s Office could transition with ease to the new system the county implemented. Ms. Arnett is a tremendous asset to the agency. She is someone who diligently works behind the scenes to make sure the agency runs efficiently.

Correctional Officer of the Year

Sgt. Viktoria Shank

Since beginning her career on November 15, 2004, Sgt. Shank has proven herself to be an extremely reliable, professional and trusted member of this agency. Her dedication and loyalty is evident by the pride she exhibits and her exemplary performance as a member of the Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard since 2007. Through her determination, hard work and quest for career advancement she earned the rank of Sergeant in 2017.

Sgt. Shank is currently assigned to the Work Release Center where she has proven herself to be an effective, knowledgeable, trustworthy and dependable shift supervisor. She takes pride in her work; is organized, meticulous, and her written documentation exceeds the norm. Just recently she conducted an investigation involving an inmate being assaulted at his place of work. Sgt. Shank initiated a very thorough investigation, to include contacting the responding police agency in order to verify all of the facts. This type of follow-up investigative work and attention to detail is not uncommon of her.

Along with learning all of the new responsibilities related to her promotion and reassignment as the Work Release Shift Sergeant, she was also tasked with learning the Detention Center’s Compliance Sergeants position. Over the past year, she has been reassigned as the Compliance Sergeant on three separate occasions (to include a 3 ½ month period). While assigned to this position, she had numerous responsibilities which included ensuring all of the facilities daily/weekly/quarterly paperwork was completed, logged and submitted correctly and on time. She was also responsible for reviewing, coordinating and overseeing the disciplinary hearing process. Praise for her performance and quality of work was received on each occasion.

Sgt. Shank is ambitious and continuously strives for knowledge and self-improvement. Even though she was faced with learning all of these new assignments, she still took on several other new challenges. Over the past year, she has become a certified Basic Instructor and Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Frederick County Corrections Academy. She also completed a Report Writing Course in order to become a more efficient instructor.

Law Enforcement Deputy of the Year

Cpl. Jeremiah Kretsinger

Cpl. Kretsinger has numerous assignments within the Sheriff’s Office. He is a patrol supervisor, K9 handler, member of the SWAT Team, an agency armorer, firearms instructor, certified general instructor, and one of the lead instructors for the K9 unit.

As a patrol supervisor, he assists with the various administrative duties required of a patrol supervisor, to include checking reports, conducting roll call when necessary, and completing Performance Appraisal Observation Forms (35B) each quarter for the deputies he is designated to evaluate. As a patrol supervisor he makes excellent, well thought out decisions, and is a proven leader and mentor to the deputies assigned to him. He provides guidance on a daily basis on calls for service, as well as providing additional training and education to members of his team in the areas of search and seizure, report writing, officer safety, and building clearing. He responds to call types requiring a patrol supervisor response, as well as calls requiring a K9 unit. He has proven that he has the ability to separate the two roles during the course of his duties, and recognizes that depending on the incident, he is more effective if he separates the functions and responsibilities required of each position.

Cpl. Kretsinger is one of the senior members of the SWAT Team. He has numerous additional responsibilities associated with that assignment as well. He is the Sniper Element Leader, which requires him to plan and coordinate training for the sniper element, while maintaining his own qualifications as a team sniper. He is responsible for ensuring all additional equipment issued to the snipers is operational, and is responsible for ordering any replacement items when needed. He has also been designated as the lead firearms instructor for the SWAT Team. He designed and implemented a challenging firearms qualification course for the SWAT team encompassing both the rifle and pistol. This course is shot every quarter and requires a passing score to remain a member of SWAT. As one of the senior and most experienced members of SWAT, Cpl. Kretsinger is also regularly assigned to plan team training days which can focus on a wide range of topics to include Hostage Rescue, vehicle take downs, and structure clearing. Several new team members were selected to SWAT this year, and Cpl. Kretsinger was assigned to provide them with their initial instruction in room clearing and firearms training.

Cpl. Kretsinger attends one K9 training day and two SWAT training days each month, and still is able to fulfill his responsibilities as a patrol supervisor. He has willingly sought out and accepted all of these positions, duties and the responsibilities that are associated with them. He performs all of his assigned duties efficiently, and at a high level. His ability to manage each assignment and the level at which he performs them should be commended.

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