Seniors Feel Empowered but also Eager to Graduate

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Tori Caulfield 

With the 2015/2016 school year coming to a start, a few of the students from the new senior class share their thoughts and feelings about being seniors, otherwise known as the “kings and queens of WHS”.

“I’m mostly excited about senior privileges, you have a lot more freedom,” said Mallory Donaghue. Donaghue is ready for football season, prom, and all social events with her friends. She will very much miss all the clubs and activities she has involved herself in, for example, theatre, SGA, and more. But overall, Donaghue is ready for graduation, “I’m excited to be walking across that stage and knowing you’re done.”.

The big thing on every seniors mind is graduation and what they will miss most about their years of high school. “Pretty much just to pass and be done! Not have to come to school anymore!” said Jesse Coakley. Coakley also shared that one thing he will miss mostly about high school is seeing people everyday.

Developing close relationships with other students and teachers have become very familiar to most seniors and there’s no doubt it will be hard to say goodbye to their fellow peers. “I’ll definitely feel depressed about having to leave my friends and go our separate ways.” said Gabe Lake.

Although Lake feels this is a downside, he is enjoying the feeling of power that comes with being a senior. Lake is ready for a new journey and excited for graduation. “Yes, the freedom to go out there into the world and do whatever you want,” said Lake.

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