Senior Club Helping Get Prom and Graduation All Worked Out

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As we continue a brand new year, school isn’t only about working and knowing what you want to do in life. It can also be about having fun and getting excited. We get ready for events to pump up our school year. Each class grade helps Walkersville High with homecoming, spirit week, games, and different events, etc. that are going to be helpful.

Senior club also will be doing things for our Class of 2015 seniors. For example, prom and graduation are a huge thing for our senior class. The seniors get to help us with choosing decorations for prom, and you get to audition to speak or perform on graduation day. Also our senior days to have a little fun and get ready for graduation like our senior picnics and senior week (what should seniors wear or do?).

Senior Trevor Fritz says “It’s fun how our senior class is helping out with a lot of stuff events around the school and to get ready to graduate. Knowing that we are volunteering things mean that they’re stepping up and is the focus on your school year.“

Also freshman Josh Thomas said how even though he a freshman he is seeing that our senior class is really going to put a lot of effort to make this year for them the best year ever.

Britney Burleson, a sophomore said “They do need their own club because it’s their last year and they need to make it their best year ever so knowing what senior class wants for prom and all would help them.”

Senior Club is about our senior making it the best year ever. Getting ready for these final moments, the events and activity will make them always remember it.

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