Science National Honor Society Shows STEM Activities to the Community

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by Ciarra Lawson

 Walkersville High School has very strict requirements to join the Science National Honors Society; only 68 students were accepted this year. The qualifications for joining are: students must have a 3.0 general GPA, a 3.5 GPA in science course classes, and also must have ten hours of community service.

Our well known teacher Nus Hisim is in control of SNHS. This is his second year being in charge of the honor society. “I really enjoy working with the students, and with the events,” he said. Senior Nick Winch expressed “it’s fun. I really enjoy science and love helping in the community.”

This Saturday is the first event of the year for the SNHS, at Brooke Hill Methodist Church. They will be showing STEM activities for the community.

Also they will be having a “MOLE” breakfast, Thursday October 23 at 6:02am… And there is a specific reason MOLE starts at 6:02, and why it’s on the 23rd. In chemistry, a MOLE is a very important unit of measurement, that show molecular value, which is 6.023 X 1023

Furthermore, SNHS will also be performing puking pumpkin at Baker Park on October 24th.

There is a event calendar that SNHS follows, that requires the members to travel around the county.

First year of being a member, junior Luke Tharpe told me “I participate in SNHS to help promote the science community, and also it looks really good for colleges.”
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