School Year Fashion Trends Predicted by WHS Students

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Annie Moreno

Walkersville High School girls recently shared their fashion predictions for the year with me. Junior Brianna Wilson says that “Everything will be high wasted and skinny.”  Freshman Debbie Amolaei claims that the hottest fashions will be “ crop tops and high-low skirts.” Sophomore Latearria Bowins says that the height of fashion will be “belly shirts, fancy shorts, and long skirts.” Sophomore Morgan Jernigan suggests that “flannels” will be hot in this year’s back to school fashions!

Freshman Shelby Deihl says that “high waisted shorts, crop tops, maxi skirts, floral designs, and oversized sweaters will be trendy.” Toni Aburto thinks that “skinny jeans” will stay in fashion. Emily Rogers says that “Chunky Jewelry will be in.” Freshman Ekaiva Boyer says that the fashion this year will be to “wear whatever you want.” Freshman Emma Blackbura says “High waisted shorts, crop tops, skater skirts, and skater dresses.”

The Walkersville High School Boys had some input on the gentlemen’s back to school fashion as well!. Peter Ontony says that the hottest fashion for guys will be “Vans and Polo T-shirts.” T’Andre Tyre says that he thinks it will be a “suit.” Joseph Goline says “Khaki’s and Polo’s will be really in.” Robert Kirkwood said that “Joggers, Roshe’s, and Yeezy’s will be the back to school fashion.” Senior Brooks Gray says his go to look is “Sperry’s or anything comfortable.” Sophomore Kyle Secula also shares his back to school fashion “Something collared over a V-neck or T-shirt.” Hayden Stinson says that the fashion will be “Anything fandom related”. Fandom is any wearable object or piece of clothing that shows that you are a fan of something, or someone. For example, a lanyard or shirt that has your favorite show on it.

The students are not the only ones that have to go back to school. So what about the back to school fashion for teachers?  “For the math department men it is shorts and a T-shirt due to the hot humidity and broken air conditioner. For women I would say it is Maxi dresses and flowing attire.” says Principal Tracey Franklin. Librarian Cindy Cunningham says she loves “anything comfortable and practical.” Math teacher Mark Widmeyer says that his back to school fashion is “Function over form, and trimmed beards.”

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