SAT Fire Mishap Leads to Angry Students

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news - SAT fireby Grainne McCormick

On the early, cold morning of Saturday October 11th, 2014, students were preparing to enter their designated location to take their SAT test. Those at Thomas Johnson High School in Frederick expected a normal morning until the fire alarm went off in the middle of the test.

It was approximately two hours, into the test; the essay was done and at least three multiple choice sections were finished. The alarm lights started flashing and the distinct sound of the alarm was piercing the ears of everyone. At first, one proctor told students to stay still until they figured out what happened. Then, one woman ran back to tell students to evacuate the school immediately.

All students were outside along with their proctors, and the fire trucks pulled in. A few firefighters went into the building and a few others were spotted on the roof. Later it was found out that there were problems in the cafeteria the Friday before SAT’s, and that was the same issue occurring again.

It was then announced that SAT’s would be rescheduled to October 25th, which is also the day of the Walkersville homecoming dance. While some students were jumping for joy, most students were not happy with the rescheduling of the SAT’s.

“I’m very upset. I started the test and was doing well, so having to retake the entire thing again stinks,” says senior Ashley Mbella.

Senior Cassidy Crouse says “I’m very annoyed because early action for my college is November 1st and now that I’m taking it again on a later date, chances are my scores won’t be ready. Overall I’m extremely annoyed, but the one plus is now there’s more time to study!”

A very angry senior Dominick McVay said “I am so done. It’s the day of our homecoming dance! I am literally going to show up in my homecoming outfit for the SAT’S.”

Students who left their belongings in the building had to come back at 2:00pm that day to retrieve them.  After they announced the make-up date, students could leave. If you’re taking the SAT’s on the day of homecoming, you’ve got about an extra two weeks to study! Hit the books right before you hit the dance floor on October 25th.

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