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Ryan Defibaugh a New Counselor for WHS

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by Hanna Houck


features - Mr. DefibaughAfter completing his 500 hour internship here at Walkersville with Dr. Debra Phebus, Ryan Defibaugh has been hired as a full-time counselor.

Defibaugh wasn’t one of those people that knew exactly what they wanted to do going into college. “I was a biology major in college, I loved the sciences. I thought I wanted to go into Sports Medicine”said Defibaugh.

Defibaugh started coaching college teams at Penn State University. During his coaching career he found out he could get a free Master’s degree while coaching. “As I went on with coaching I loved the interactions with the individuals and the counseling side of coaching,” he said. Those interactions were the interactions that inspire him to get a degree in counseling.

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“Everyone I come in contact with inspires me. You can learn so much from everybody, positive and negative,” said Defibaugh when asked who inspires him in his counseling career.

Defibaugh is “excited beyond belief to be working at Walkersville.” His wife teaches at Glade Elementary and he lives in the community. “I believe that it’s really important to be involved in the community you live in.”

Defibaugh is the counselor for students with last names A-G. “Mr. Defibaugh is very approachable and willing to help you with any questions you may have.” said junior Megan Dusci.

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