Rumors To the Contrary, Brad Pitt Will Not Play Bob Marley

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by Chanel Moss

It comes as a let-down to some and a relief to most, but rumors that handsome actor Brad Pitt is chosen to play the role of road paving reggae singer Bob Marley in a new film are just rumors .

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Pictures of the American heartthrob, Pitt wearing dreadlocks were recently spread all over the internet, many have been questioning whether Brad was probably getting ready for an upcoming movie. Though many online sources tell that the pictures were taken two years ago and are not a part of any efforts for any new movies.

The pictures that have been spreading on social media over the last couple of days has hundreds of comments, many of which draw on the obvious racist card. Many online sources revealed that the pictures of Pitt wearing locks were taken in 2012 when he underwent makeovers to pose as a number of persons including Marley and James Dean for a tribute photo shoot for a magazine. (

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