Ralph Whitmore, Republican Candidate for County Council District 5

ralph_whitmoreRalph Whitmore grew up in Walkersville, Maryland and has been a part of the local government as an elected official for many years.   He currently serves as Burgess, and has also served as a Town Commissioner and on various boards and commissions.

A life-long volunteer of the Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company, Ralph served as President of WVFC from 1976 – 1983, and continues to be heavily involved with the fire company.

Ralph owned and operated the Walkersville Feed Store on Pennsylvania Avenue until his retirement a few years ago.  He sold the company, but continues to work around the feed store when needed.  He can often be seen on the front porch of the feed store.

Ralph chose to seek the newly established County Council seat for District 5 out of frustration with the current government.  As a resident and an elected official, he is “really upset with the direction this board has taken.”

His concerns with the current Board of County Commissioners run the gamut of issues.  On growth, he stated, “they want to asphalt the entire county.”

As a volunteer firefighter, Ralph seems particularly incensed with the actions of the Board of County Commissioners.  “They’ve ruined the volunteer fire service!”

On fiscal matters, he rebuked the incumbents claims of fiscal responsibility.  “They have raised taxes.  They claim otherwise, but my taxes have gone up! The only lowered fees were for developers and their lawyers.”  Ralph questioned the cozy relationship and access that some developers’ lawyers have had in writing the laws, fees, and taxes.

Ralph keeps things simple.  He is not raising money, because he “can’t raise or spend the kind of money those Young candidates have.”  He summed up his campaign, “I am running because I think I can do a better job than the lot that is in there.”

GladeValley.net asked all candidates to provide information for our readers to make informed decisions when voting in the Maryland Primary Elections on June 24, 2014. Mr. Whitmore's information was obtained through a one-on-one interview with the publisher.
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