Primary Election Ends and General Election Campaign Begins

The story could have been the dismal turn-out, 20% of voters in Frederick County showed up to vote in this historic Primary Election.  Instead (some would argue because of), upsets and big races ahead win the day’s news.

In Walkersville, 23.96% of registered voters cast ballots in the Primary Election.  26.72% of Woodsboro voters participated in the election. In Mt. Pleasant, 20.67% of the voters showed up to the polls.  The area overall had a voter turn out of 23.37%.

For Glade Valley residents, the biggest outcome of yesterday’s election must be the loss of longtime State Senator David Brinkley to Delegate Michael Hough.  With redistricting, Delegate Hough’s home in Brunswick became a part of Maryland’s Fourth Legislative District.  He decided to mount a campaign against incumbent Senator David Brinkley.  The campaign was heated, but Delegate Hough won a surprising  68% of the vote.  He will face Democrat Dan Rupli in the General Election.

The popular and longtime Senator David Brinkley will be missed.

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In other Glade Valley area related election news, County Commissioner Kirby Delauter of Thurmont won the Republican nomination for County Council District 5 with 53% of the vote.  Walkersville Burgess Ralph Whitmore, who spent little money or resources on the campaign, received 47% of the vote, and will continue to serve the Town of Walkersville.

Mark Long of Thurmont won the Democratic Party’s nomination for County Council District 5 with 62% of the vote over Fred Wood’s 38% total.  Long will face Kirby Delauter in the General Election.

One of the closest watched races featured Glade Valley resident and long time County Commissioner David Gray vying for the Republican Party’s nomination for County Executive against County Commissioner Blaine Young.  Commissioner Gray did not appear to spend much money or resources on the campaign.  Young won 53% of the votes in the Republican Primary to Gray’s 35%.  Mark Sweadner won 12% of the vote.  Young will face Democrat Jan Gardner who ran unopposed in the Primary.

Both Delegate incumbents Kathy Afzali and Kelly Schulz won their party’s nomination.  David Vogt, III also won the Republican nominatino for District 4 House of Delegates race.  In November, they will face Democrat Gene Stanton who ran unopposed.

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