Pep Rally a Place Where the Whole School Comes Together

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Cate Tauriello


Are you pumped up? Walkersville High School had its annual Pep Rally on Friday, October 24th as a preparation for the parade and game later on that day. But a lot of work goes into the production of homecoming events!

Student Government Association adviser Christine Keleher said, “I’m really excited about the basketball dunking contest because we’ve never done anything like that before at a pep rally. So I think that’ll be really entertaining for everyone.

Among the students involved in the events, junior Pat Sichette is a competitor in the rally’s pie-eating contest. When asked about why he is partaking in the event, Sichette said it’s because “I like to eat pie.”

Sophomore Jordan Ward says “I got a free ticket from helping out with SGA, and I got lucky.”

Principal of WHS Tracey Franklin loves the pep rally and says “It’s one of the few things that the school has in a year’s time where the entire population of the school comes together. I can’t think of another event that happens in school. You can’t do it with an assembly or graduation or athletic events. It’s the only event that WHS has all year for all thousand kids and all staff members are participating in something at the same time.

No matter what your part is in the pep rally, it is always an awesome experience for anyone from spectators to teachers to winners of the pie eating contest.

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