Passing the Driving Test a Ritual for All Teenagers

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You look forward to driving since you can remember, not having to rely on anyone to get to point A to point B, but before you can become independent and able to drive by yourself, you must pass the driving test.

The driving test intimidates every teen driver, from starting with parallel parking and backing up into a space to asking you what sign you just passed.

For junior Luke Tharpe, today he is taking his driver’s test, hoping for the best at Hagerstown MVA.

Walkersville students pick between going to Frederick’s or Hagerstown’s MVA for the test. Some would argue that Hagerstown is easier than Frederick, the instructors are nicer and the course is simple rather than Frederick with strict instructors rigorously ensuring that rules are obeyed.

Either place, you must complete the course without any error.

Senior Sabrina Cooper took her driving test at Hagerstown, a little rusty on parallel parking, taking her three tries before finally getting it right. The parameters for this are that you must be within a foot from the curb and you cannot hit a traffic cone. Oh, and you must finish within the given time limit. But Cooper overcame all of that and passed.

Another student who got stumped on parallel parking was senior Dylann Sowers. Before fixing her way in between the cones she ran out of time, failing the test. She plans to take her second test at Hagerstown, instead of  Frederick, on October 24th. She said “Hopefully second time’s a charm.”

So before you take your driving test, be prepared, take your time and relax.

Update: Tharpe surpassed the rigorous driving test.

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