Pajama Day Starts Spirit Week Out for WHS Students

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Ricky Kellerman

The first day of spirit week is here and there are lots of people wearing their pajamas and showing their school spirit for homecoming. Some people were really creative in choosing what pajamas they would wear.

When asked what her favorite part about pajama day is, senior Demi Colbert answers, “I literally woke up, had breakfast and came to school. I didn’t have to get dressed or anything.” She’s wearing a one-piece pajama outfit thats purple with pink polka dots and looks really comfortable.

When asked the same question, junior Danny Tatum answers, “It’s a day that you don’t have to worry about getting dressed for school; you’re allowed to wear your pajamas and be comfortable.”

Junior Sarah Strawsburg, when asked why she likes wearing her pajamas so much, she says, “It’s really comfortable; it feels better then normal clothes.”

Pajama day is a day to be lazy and there were many people who participated — everybody is showing their school spirit to start the week. Let’s hope it continues!

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