Outdoor Club Excited About Getting Students Doing Fun Activities in the Great Outdoors

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Becky Brown


Formerly known as the ski club, the Outdoor Club has been started at Walkersville High School this year. Leading the group is Keyna Radtke, the speech pathologist here at WHS.

“The Outdoor Club was originally called the Ski Club, but we decided to change the name in order to get more kids involved. The name also gives us a chance to do more activities, other than just skiing.” WHS has had the Ski Club for a few years, but the name change is a fresh start.

When asked why she wanted to start the club, Radtke said “It gives the students a social activity that they can do together and it gets them outside. A lot of kids aren’t doing that and it’s important because it’s a great way for people to meet up with friends and do a fun activity.” Radtke said that the students involved with the club usually meet up on Fridays at Liberty and go snowboarding, tubing, and skiing. “A lot of school’s send bus loads of kids down,” she said, “If kids have never skied before, there’s a great package to try out, and if you like it, then you can still get a season pass.”

There are around 22 members in the club right now, and Radtke has big plans for the club moving forward. “We are looking to do more volunteer work later in the season. The kids have come up with a list of activities they’re interested in.” she said. Some of these ideas included guest speakers and having the kids share personal experiences.

“The big excitement for us right now are the night club cards offered at Liberty, White Tail, and Round Top. You don’t just have to be a student, because anybody in the community can join. The money is due November 4th.” Radtke said. Look for posters around the school to find out the different prices and offers.

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