Once Upon a Time Begins Fourth Season Sunday

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Annie Moreno

Once Upon A Time’s premiere for its fourth season  starts this Sunday at 8:00pm. Fans are enthusiastic about this event, especially due to the introduction of a popular new character.

Once Upon A Time is a T.V. fantasy and drama that had its first premiere on October 23rd, 2011. It includes many known fairytale characters whose stories connect and intertwine with other fairytale characters.  The show is written by writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who are also responsible for writing Lost and Tron: Legacy. It is allegedly a spin off of the book series Once Upon a Time In Wonderland.

The story takes place in a town called Storybrook, which is located in the state of Maine. Those living in Storybrook are all fairytale characters from the magic forest, and have no clue who they are due to a curse cast by the evil queen, Regina.

Eventually the savior named Emma, who happens to be the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, breaks the curse. She is from the magical forest, but has spent her whole life in New York, and has no clue who her parents are or that the magical forest even exists.

She soon finds out because of her son Henry, who was adopted by the evil queen when Emma gave him up at birth. This leads to countless adventures, romances , fairytale characters, and stories. There is more than meets the eye to all of the fairytale characters that we think we know.

Devoted  fans and Walkersville High School students reveal their opinions about the show and the coming premiere of the new season.  Every fan has their favorite and least favorite characters. Sophomore Ishara Joseph shares “My favorite character is Regina.”

Junior Janie Bergeron says “Henry is my favorite character, and Regina is my least favorite.”

Contrary to Bergeron, freshman Shelby Tiehl says “ Regina is my favorite character, but Henry is my least.”

Junior Alexis Black states “I love Captain Hook, but Henry is my least favorite.”

Freshman Emma Blackburn’s favorite character is “Rumplestiltskin, but my least favorite is Snow White. She’s too much of a goody- too-shoes.”

Freshman Julia O’Connell says that her favorite character is “Regina, and my least favorite is Rumplestiltskin.”

Freshman Anna McClatchie shares “Hook is definitely my favorite character! Emma is my least favorite.”

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