Old Bay the Best Condiment Ever Made

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Shamus Beck

features - old bayEvery Marylander knows the joys of the best condiment in the world; it’s the orange dust that gets used by the cup during the summer when we chow down on some Maryland Blue Crabs: Old Bay.

“Old Bay is great because you can put it on anything,” Chad Wells said when asked about why Old Bay is the best condiment.

If you ask anyone outside of the great state of Maryland what the best condiment is you might get some mixed responses such as people from Tennessee saying their barbecue sauce is the best or Chicago and New York’s pizza crust war. But none stand above Maryland’s Old Bay.

This condiment can be used for anything you could possibly dream of. It started by putting it on crabs while steaming them the classic Maryland way. But you also can find the yellow aluminum can anywhere in a Marylander’s kitchen at the ready.

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Old Bay got its start 70 years in Baltimore; the original name for it was “Delicious Brand Shrimp and Crab Seasoning” but soon got changed to the iconic name because of a fishing ship that went between Maryland and Virginia.

Now it is known throughout the state.

“It is part of Maryland and what we have become,” Megan Dusci said about how great Old Bay is.

“It’s great because you can put it on anything whether its crabs, chicken, fries, whatever you want.” Tanner Green said when asked what he puts Old Bay on.

Photo: Max Falkowitz

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