“No Good Deeds” Not a Film Worth Seeing

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by Chanel Moss

Not one of Tyler Perry’s best; On September 21st I got the “pleasure” to go see the home-invasion thriller No Good Deeds in theaters.

Allow me to let you in on some inside information. On September 10th, 2014, movie reviewers across the country received an email saying that the press screening of No Good Deeds had been canceled because the studio was concerned that a big twist in the film would be revealed.

Though many of films with big twists have properly screened to critics without being ruined, this seemed odd, but this cancellation was probably just an makeshift to cover up how even the big twist didn’t make it a good movie.

Have no fear I will not spill the beans about the plot twists, but trust me — though it is gasp worthy it didn’t make the movie any better, it just gave you more of an understanding why actor Idris Elba as Colin Evans, was doing the entire time. Elba is a wonderful actor, and he does what he can with what little psychological back and forth he’s been provided. He has remarkably kind eyes, which make you want to believe him even when you know the worst is true.

I think a different actor could’ve been chosen, someone more unforgiving. The movie was honestly rushed and viewers honestly didn’t have a clue what was going on until the plot twist which pulled the movie together. Elba fans were honestly looking forward to seeing him in this movie because he does so well in his other movies such as Daddy’s Little Girls and Takers.

Elba is known for his distinctive kind heartedness and self-effacing demeanor; so seeing him as a narcissistic serial killer is an uncomforting shift. Though actors are supposed to be able to change their aura, Elba’s role makes viewers such as me just very uncomfortable. I don’t see any Oscars in director Sam Miller’s future.


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