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New Spanish Teacher Katherine Grube Enjoys Walkersville Atmosphere

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Annie Moreno

features - spanish teacher - AnnieWalkersville High School gains a brand new Spanish teacher, Katherine Grube, after losing Elizabeth Orlando, who had worked at the school for over 30 years.

Grube says that she has been a Spanish teacher for fourteen years and has taught in “Texas, Oklahoma, and Maryland.” Grube says “I learned Spanish from school, mostly college.” Grube shares that before she was a teacher she had been “to Mexico as a translator for medical students.” Grube recommends that students be “bilingual because it is easy to get a job. Most jobs in need of bilinguals come from the need to communicate with the Middle Eastern government.”

Grube says that to learn a language “It is better to be on a native speaking level because there are lots of things that the schools don’t teach.” Grube shares some of her experiences in Mexico. She says “When I was translating in Mexico, I noticed that the Mexican culture has lots of humility, gratitude, and eagerness to welcome you into their home.”

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Grube says that she wanted to become a Spanish teacher because “I always wanted to teach. My sophomore year of college I got an A in Spanish, and a C in English, so I decided to switch majors.”

Walkersville High School welcomes Grube into the school. Grube says “I like the school a lot, I have awesome classes and students. They are very accepting.” As a teacher, Grube says “I want students to be okay with making mistakes. A long as they will learn from them, it is ok. Mistakes are important because you learn from them. So my advice to my students is to take risks and make mistakes.”

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