New Pizza Place Pie 5 Deserves a High Five

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features - Pie 5by Taylor McClelland

A Subway in the form of pizza? What a heavenly idea! Pie 5 is a create-your-own pizza place that opened on September 5th in Fredrick, Maryland.

The idea of Pie 5 is to pick exactly what you want on your pizza. You are in control. You start with your choice of crust ranging from a classic pan to a healthy option such as whole wheat. Everybody knows that the next step to pizza is the sauce. Pie 5 has up to seven different sauces you can choose from.

There is an abundance of toppings you can select from. The veggies are always fresh and the cheese is always grated by hand. Besides the various vegetables available, there is also a wide variety of meats. The options range from bacon to Italian sausage. A customer of Pie 5, Patrick Kay, said “I was very pleased with the food and experience.”

Once the pizza is in oven it’s not long until you get to reunite with your beloved pizza. However, there are still two more decisions that need to be made. A normal pizza place would give you the option between crushed red pepper and parmesan. Pie 5 is not your average pizza place though. You have the possibility of having crushed red pepper or their original idea of “magic dust.” Magic dust is a mixture of parmesan, Italian seasoning and a secret ingredient. Sylvia Brooks said “I might have to work here just to find out the secret.”

Pizza isn’t the only thing Pie 5 serves. They also have a great amount of salads and even desserts. In fact, Pie 5 has a special which includes a pizza, salad and dessert all for the price of $10.50. Bel Rodgers said “My favorite part is the ultimate brownie!”

The workers were all friendly and provided great service. The establishment was up to par with cleanliness as well. Over all, Pie 5 deserves 4 stars out of 5.

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